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Thanks to all who participated!

So it looks like it’ll be pretty close to the original. I’ll be:

  • Modding the “corset” like underbust part to be a leotard with a black chest covering and a striped bottom half. This way my undies will be covered, and I won’t feel as exposed.
  • Additionally, the top will resemble a tank top more than a single strap off-the shoulder to accommodate bra straps.
  • I’ll be using a wig instead of my natural hair to get Dee’s volume.
  • I’ll be making my own thigh highs. (Woot for Absolute Territory)
  • All the jewelry will be handmade, especially since my ears are unpierced. Gotta figure that one out. Arguably, I may do without on that.


I’m actually really hyped about this. It should cost about $40, which is around what bag costumes cost, plus, since I have so much of the stuff already (shoes, make-up, thread, too much elastic) I’ll really just have to get black and purple fabric, along with black lipstick, although that can also be made.

I sense a trip to Dollar Tree this weekend for skulls and atheist cleric gear…

So, tonight, since I now know my Halloween costume (officially) I think I’m going to start the sketches of a costume for Dee. 

I still want to stick to the tri-cut skirt, along with the purple and black motif, but I do want to mod it to fit my body type and comfort level.

Off to the sketch pad! (After I get out of class!)


Dee in Rat Queens #6
Art by Roc Upchurch
So I recently really got into Rat Queens

Which, for the uninitiated, is a graphic novel about four female adventures in a Sex in the City meets Lord of the Rings kind of setting. It’s a great newcomer to the world of comics, and really has its heart set on genuine characters, which it provides in spades.

That being said, I think I know who I want to cosplay for Halloween, if you’ve read it: Dee, the atheist cleric.


Birthday cake! It’s red velvet with cream cheese icing!

Title: The Cursed Glasses - Stray Girl In Her Lenses
Artist: Bucchigiri-P feat. Kagamine Rin & C/Kamui Gakupo
Year: 2009
Happy birthday! Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

Thank you so much!

dr-roboto replied to your post:I’m 22 today

Happy birthday! c:

Thank you so much!

Also, I’ll be releasing the contest results tonight. Keep your arms crossed! (I meant fingers!)

I’m 22 today

I won’t be very active today. Along with my job (9-4) I want to treat myself and celebrate. I might be going solo, but I think my birthday should be something nice.

Hopefully, I’ll find a little treat for myself, something purely fun.

My roommate made a comment early about how her boyfriend’s a loner, but not the kind that stay in their room and play video games all the time.

I had to force myself to laugh because literally all I do is sit in my room cackling maniacally over my writing, play video games, and read manga.


Hello there!

My name is Maru Crisis, and as a happy participant of Club Nintendo, I received codes for a preview demo of the new Super Smash Bros. game. 

Since I’ll have a spare code, I’d like to take this chance to share it with gamers here on tumblr. Here’s the rules:

  • Where as this is aimed at my followers, you do not have to be a follower in order to enter. I will ask that if you follow me, don’t do it just because of the giveaway. 
  • This is a US code. Beware that it will only work on North American 3DS systems.
  • One like and one reblog only. Multiple reblogs will not count.
  • I will choose the winner on 9/15 and announce them on 9/16 in the morning after I’ve gotten up. I will use a random generator to remain unbiased.
  • Please have your inbox open. If I cannot contact you by the end of 9/16, I will re-pick using the same random generator, and will give the same person until end of day 9/17 and so on. End of day is by Midnight CST. 
  • If no one has claimed the code by 9/19, which is the final day to redeem it, then I will end the giveaway.
  • Do not spam asking if you won, or if I’ll just give you the code. 

I’d prefer for the recipient to have a 3DS or, if for a friend, a friend with a 3DS. I want this code to be for someone’s enjoyment, not just to say, “I won!” 

That being said, best of luck everyone!

Reblogging with a few edits: the contest ends on 9/16 now. 

No problem! And I hope you're able to wear one next year! :)

Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to start researching and studying up so I can find the best design to match the summer season.

I guess it seems insincere to follow you after I discovered you through the giveaway... ^^' But I'll be here to stay! Best of luck on that Taiko job, I've always been a humongous fan of rhythm games!

Oh gosh, thanks! It’s wonderful to meet you, and didn’t seem insincere at all.

Also, I’m really excited to start learning how to play Taiko. It’ll be good exercise, and will really get me back into music, which is something near to my heart.